LJ Swanepoel Art | Sedgefield Beauty
A poem about the beautiful small town, Sedgefield, South Africa, between Knysna and Wilderness. Under the stars, my friend and I watched a movie. The town is quiet, full of nature wonders.
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Sedgefield Beauty

Sedgefield cabin

Sedgefield Beauty

 One night under the stars, though cold
At a cinema we saw a movie unfold
Blankets, pizza and wine, on the ground
The crowd was only a small amount

There’s a peace, quite unresistant
An atmosphere, cosy and pleasant
Sedgefield, a town I knew not before
Captured my heart, I’m longing for more

She is gentle, she considers the night
She’s patient, kind and she is polite
She loves herself and everyone else
She hates how any large city yells

Early next morning I stood in awe
Soaking in every detail I saw
Her community is close together and true
But her nature is just astonishing too

That morning under the clouds, though cold
Nature and silence never gets old
Before me rests a saltwater lake
Behind me, far, a sea wide awake

My interest was first in her sister towns
Wilderness and Knysna were my beloved crowns
Sedgefield, so shy, unveiled her true beauty
In her stillness I’m home, her sisters are busy

I’ll go back, for sure one day
Sooner than later, right after May
My friend, thank you, you know who you are
You showed me this town, and the hole in the stars

© LJ Swanepoel – 2017
22 April 2017 – Strand
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