LJ Swanepoel Art | T.C.T.S. Characters
Cartoon characters created for a website to teach children to make better financial decisions.
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T.C.T.S. Characters

TCTS Family TCTS Teacher TCTS Call

Adobe Illustrator CC Wacom Intuos Pro

About This Project

During my freelance period between May 2012 and 2013, I was hired for three months by Lunchbox Productions to mainly work on a website project for Teach Children To Save.

I had to create cartoon characters with Adobe Illustrator, using a Wacom drawing tablet. I spent about three days getting used to the tablet before I properly started the project. These characters turned out well at the time, and I’ve improved since. The project was about teaching children how to save money, and make better financial decisions. I had to draw different characters for different sections of the website, including props and elements for a game.


I had fun working at Lunchbox Productions. I also recommend them for amazing video production work, which is the key focus area of the company.