LJ Swanepoel Art | SuzelleDIY Vector Portrait
Fan art of SuzelleDIY.
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Suzelle’s Portrait

Suzelle Portrait
Software and Tools

Adobe Illustrator CS6 • Wacom Intuos Pro

Illustration, Vector Art
About This Project

Suzelle DIY, as we know her – otherwise known as Julia Anastasopoulos-Kruger – is a charismatic, creative and humorous character, giving amazing “Do It Yourself” techniques on YouTube. If it’s not her accent (which is rated as the sexiest accent in the world, click here), it’s her quirkiness that makes DIY shows exciting and fun to watch. Her short clips made me feel better every time. Plus, she’s a beaut, and I decided to honor her with a portrait. I also gave one print to her on the day I went to watch her live in Pretoria at the Homemakers Expo.

If you don’t know her, check her out.



I’ll start with the background. The yellow was inspired by the wall that was yellow in her early episodes. I included her slogan which is “DIY? Because anybody can.” Then I added the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons, next to each other, so that it spells her little curse word she uses every now and then – “O f@#.” If you look carefully, you’ll notice it. And I ended there with her profile tags, website and one of her very famous sayings, “There’s it!”

I know you’re wondering why there’s a black hole and a scratched out “C.” Well, the “C” comes from her sometimes making mistakes on the show (on purpose of course, to make it fun to watch), and the hole comes from one or two episodes where there was an actual hole in the wall. I haven’t seen it again. To be honest, it does fit with her perfectionistic clumsiness.

On the right I just decorated the background with some DIY tools.


I closely matched Suzelle’s colours to the original photo, except the green blouse. I made that up. I used directional lines very carefully on her face and neck, not overdoing them. I used them even more effectively on the lighter shades around her cheeks. Her hair was challenging, but enjoyable to do. I avoided highlights, which wasn’t part of the photo, and also they would’ve badly influenced the outcome of the artwork.


The artwork is not artistic as such, but leans more towards a high-end caricature of SuzelleDIY.