LJ Swanepoel Art | Sunshine Vector Portrait
Beautiful vector art created with Adobe Illustrator. Minimalist digital design and illustration with retro effect. Good for inspiration.
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Sunshine’s Portrait


Adobe Illustrator CS6

Illustration, Vector Art
About This Project

Her name means “light” and her surname has to do with the sun, which is exactly the reason for the retro-like rays of light behind her. I love the use of circles and multi-tonal colours I had going there.


I once again only used a mouse, before the time of my drawing tablet. So every line was carefully placed. The most challenging part of this portrait for me was her smile and illustrating her teeth without ruining the style. I did pull it off.

Her eyes are the most outstanding feature of the artwork and to date, I was not yet able to match any other portrait’s eyes to hers. All the colours in the artwork are close representations of the original photo. I replaced her shoulders with the rays of light, and did it in such a way, that it’s not easy to notice, and the viewer won’t find it uncomfortable.


For a second attempt on vector portraits, this one turned out highly ranked.