LJ Swanepoel Art | Shirley Vector Portrait
Beautiful colourful vector art of an attractive young brunette girl, covered with feathers.
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Shirley’s Portrait

Shirley Portrait
Software and Tools

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 • Wacom Intuos Pro

Illustration, Vector Art
About This Project

This is probably my best portrait to date. The details are precise – not too little, not too much – the colours are perfect and the feathers are positioned precisely. This portrait captures the essence, personality and beauty of my friend, Shirley. I loved creating this artwork, for the use of the variety of colours and details; and for getting the proportions of her face exactly right.


The photo I used was from the day we went to Birds of Eden, where she posed with a “Knysna Loerie” bird in the background. I paid close attention to every feature on her face, trying to get as close as possible to the original photo, yet remaining illustrated.

She continually collected feathers as we walked through the sanctuary – feathers have a significant meaning to her, which is why I included the them covering her shoulders.