LJ Swanepoel Art | Armand du Plessis Vector Portrait
Striking vector illustration of Mr South Africa 2016, Armand du Plessis.
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Mr South Africa 2016’s Portrait

Armand du Plessis Portrait
Software and Tools

Adobe Illustrator CS6 • Wacom Intuos Pro

Illustration, Vector Art
About This Project

After the success of Armand Aucamp’s portrait, Mr South Africa 2016, Armand du Plessis requested to have one made of him, which I gladly did. He too was impressed by the final product.


He provided the photo from one of the studio shoots he had done, and it was in black and white, so I had even more freedom to play around with colours. I chose the combination between blue and yellow, just because it looked amazing. This was the first portrait where I added more detail in the hair than previous artworks; thus I restrained from adding detail to the skin and stuck with applying only shadows and highlights.


Afterwards I manipulated the scarf he wore, to create the background. I was pretty satisfied with the overall result.