LJ Swanepoel Art | Liezl Vector Portrait
Beautiful retro vector art. Minimalist digital design and illustration with retro effect. Good for inspiration.
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Liezl’s Portrait

Liezl Portrait

About This Project

First vector portrait done in greyscale, using a computer mouse – long before I owned a Wacom drawing tablet. I was inspired by another artist who does the same, but better.


Working from a low-quality photo of her, I combined variations of thick outlines for the face and thin stroke widths for the minimal details overall, and filled those with three tints of shades to create depth under the hair, around the cheeks and eyes, and on her nose. The hair contains the most detail, yet it remains uncomplicated. Afterwards I added the retro-liquid effect in the background.

The result is a classy cartooned portrait.


I was never able to create another portrait with the same value as this one. Even though I created amazing portraits by now, claiming to have improved every time, this one still remains the best portrait I’ve ever made.


Estimated 6 Hours


Adobe Illustrator CS6

Illustration, Vector Art