LJ Swanepoel Art | Leilani Vector Portrait
Beautiful vector art created with Adobe Illustrator of an the most beautiful young girl, Anriette. Minimalist and detailed digital design and illustration. Good for inspiration.
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Leilani’s Portrait

About This Project

After the small success of Liezl’s portrait which I shared with Leilani, I asked if she’d like to have such a portrait of herself, but in return to market my product. He agreed. I ended up making her portrait only three years later. Embarrassing, I know… I was discouraged to create her portrait at the time due to not owning a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet yet. Even after I bought one, I still wasn’t encouraged enough to create her portrait, until one day I committed myself to finish this one. It turned out better than it would’ve if I had done it anytime sooner.


I stuck as close as possible to the photo she provided, and added the scene of the sea to compliment her dream. I carefully selected each colour to prevent a dull selection of browns. Her hair is naturally black, so I used blue highlights, both to compliment the background and to make it alive.

Overall I used more detail, adding lines on the edges of selected shadows and in the hair. This technique animates the portrait. If I had to remove those lines, the life of this artwork would vanish.


Setting her in front of a white background makes this artwork really stand out from the rest. It gives a sense of simplicity, quietness and rest; while at the same time appears contemporary.

Software and Tools

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 • Wacom Intuos Pro

Illustration, Vector Art