LJ Swanepoel Art | Kriya Gangiah Vector Portrait
Beautiful vector art created with Adobe Illustrator of radio DJ, Kriya Gangiah. Multi-colour digital design and illustration. Good for inspiration.
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Kriya’s Portrait

About This Project

The beautiful and stunning Kriya Gangiah – she’s a Radio DJ on Jacaranda FM and Info-tainment Professional. Read more about her. I saw Kriya for the first time at the printing company I worked at in 2015, when we printed portrait canvasses for the JacarandaFM studio. At that moment I was attracted to her prettiness and began following her on Instagram. I didn’t listen to radio and I didn’t own a TV, so that was my only way of staying in touch with her as a fan. This portrait is my way of honoring her as a fan. She’s quite a busy young woman and extremely successful. I’d wish to meet her one day.


I continued with the multi-coloured theme, combining three colours inspired by the JacarandaFM logo. For some reason they just felt right. The photo I used was from her Instagram profile, leaning in the fact that it’s more personal and no rights belonged to any photographer, except to Kriya herself. Her hair was referenced from another one of her photos, which seemed to fit better than the original photo I used. To imitate her natural black hair, I used a dark and desaturated purple, with blacks and lighter tints for highlights. I kept the lips red for the simple reason that they are lips. All three of the main colours didn’t have the same result.


Finally, the portrait is fascinating, colourful and feminine, which in my opinion suits Kriya’s personality. I also made a greyscale version. Both are excellent.

Software and Tools

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 • Wacom Intuos Pro

Illustration, Vector Art