LJ Swanepoel Art | GigFarm Illustration
Freelance illustration project done for GigFarm.
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  • Gigfarm Illustration
Medium & Software

Drawing Ink and Brush, A3


Photoshop CS6

About This Project

For about three months in 2011 I had to do freelance work, and one company was interested in using me for this illustration project.

The idea was to use this image as a background image for GigFarm’s website, and display different genre’s of gigs, I suppose. They wanted it all illustrated in the style of cartoons, using farm animals to point out each form of gig. I drew it with graphic pen and brush on an A3 paper, and the client was blown away. Later they asked for it to be coloured in, and I used Photoshop techniques to colour the artwork.


I’m upset, because the client took my original artwork – I don’t know what they did with it, but I was supposed to still have it in my possession.