LJ Swanepoel Art | Armand Aucamp Vector Portrait
Beautiful vector art created with Adobe Illustrator of actor Armand Aucamp. Multi-coloured and minimalist digital design and illustration with retro effect. Good for inspiration.
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Armand Aucamp’s Portrait

Armand Aucamp Portrait
Software and Tools

Adobe Illustrator CS6 • Wacom Intuos Pro

Illustration, Vector Art
About This Project

He is my favourite South African and Afrikaans actor, Armand Aucamp. If I had a ‘man-crush,’ he would be it, but I don’t have one. He became my favourite when I saw him in his role as Jacques Reynhard in the film, Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling – probably one on the best Afrikaans films ever made. To honor him, I asked him if I could make a portrait of him, to which he agreed and was extremely excited when I presented the final artwork to him.


I continued with the multi-coloured theme from my previous artwork. The photo he provided had a Western look and feel to it – literally like in those old Western movies. I decided to follow that route and use warmer colours, with the main colour as gold-yellow. I clearly spent a lot of effort on the hair, and coloured it with blue, instead of grey, to match his dark hair. I carried the blue all across his beard. The lines are delicate, but used in a harsher way to bring out the roughness of the setting.


I think I captured this portrait very well. One day I’ll meet Mr Aucamp and tell him it was I who created this portrait for him.