LJ Swanepoel Art | Anriette Vector Portrait
Outstanding and unique digital portrait of Anriette, made with Adobe Illustrator.
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Anriette’s Portrait

Anriette Portrait
Software and Tools

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 • Wacom Intuos Pro

Illustration, Vector Art
About This Project

Anriette’s portrait set a new standard for my portrait illustrations at the time – from the little use of lines to the subtle use of light and shadows, and the light tints of colour. Every element within this artwork represents her. Every feature that makes up her face is more than perfect. To date, she’s probably the prettiest woman I’ve seen.


The overall artwork is soft. I tried to represent the smoothness of her skin with light tints of pink, little contrast and abstaining from using dense colours for shades. This technique makes her blue eyes and red lips stand out.

She loves to often change the colour of her hair. Her natural hair colour is blonde, but here she did colour her hair silver, purple and blue. Her face wouldn’t have stood out if her hair had the same soft attributes, which is why denser lines, brighter colours and heavier contrast were introduced.


The background is based on her love for dinosaurs, so I represented the texture of dinosaur skin behind her. Yellow was my choice simply to introduce a warmer atmosphere to the portrait, as opposed to a colder colour.