LJ Swanepoel Art | Four Aliens Project
College project for illustration class. Topic was mythological creatures, and I illustrated four alien creatures with drawing ink.
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Four Aliens Project

Alien 1 Alien 2 Alien 3 Alien 4

Graphic Pen and Ink Brush

About This Project

Every week for illustration class in college, we had to draw four images on a specific topic. The idea was just to start drawing – without the option to plan each character. These were the first and final drafts of each character. The topic for this project was “mythological creatures,” but I decided to illustrate aliens instead.

My inspiration and references were from African animals for each drawing. The first alien has reference to an elephant, as presented by the large ears. The second alien (which is my favourite of them all), has reference to a giraffe, cockroach and spider. The third alien was inspired by a spider and scorpion. The fourth alien has reference to a rhino and lion. It even has wings, and looking at it, I don’t think those wings would be able to lift it up.

Our given medium by the lecturer was drawing ink, fine liners and paper.


For this project, the lecturer was so impressed, he gave me full marks for that week. He praised the technique of fine lines, thick strokes and different textures I used to render each character.