LJ Swanepoel Art | I Missed the Chance
For two decades I knew I had a half-sister, but due to family complications I never reached out to her. The desire became so strong to make contact with her.
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I Missed the Chance

MIssed the Chance FI

I Missed the Chance

O, how you have grown, little one
No longer the toddler I call to mind
A woman, a lady, but still so young
More beautiful than anything combined

Your eyes, they look just the same
You were two years old back then
That was the last time, what a shame
I never ever saw you again

I guess it’s my fault, perhaps, or not
No one gets used to abandonment
Or was it, or was it not?
I left, gave up, had too much of that

Have you heard them mention me, I wonder?
Do you even know my name?
Knowing you was just a dream, a ponder
For that, I have only myself to blame

I begot a hope, a furious desire
My imagination goes wild lately
I wish for us to get to know eachother
Rekindle the bond between you and me

I missed the chance to see you grow up
I missed the chance to laugh with you
I missed the chance to hold you in my arms
I missed the chance to get to know you
I missed the chance to have a sister
I missed the chance to cry with you
I missed the chance to be your brother
I missed the chance to love you

© LJ Swanepoel – 2018
25 April 2018 – Strand
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